Social Sciences Research

Research in the Social Sciences covers core areas in sociology, criminology and police studies.  

Particular areas of expertise currently include the sociology of education and cultural issues related to policing and criminality.

Research ethics

All our research is underpinned by a commitment to ethical practice. Read more information on research ethics.

Staff research interests

Rob Creasy

The intersection of sociology and social policy with the concepts of wickedity and tameness, especially with respect to education.

Jack Denham

Cultural criminology, in particular the cultural consumption of crime, such as crime museums and representations of crime in popular culture.

Martin Holleran

Gender and cultural issues in the police service.

Benedikt Lehmann

Social and criminological theory, psychoanalysis, financial markets, and automation technology.

Tyson Mitman

Public aesthetics and graffiti culture.

Sam Poyser

Miscarriages of justice and injustices relating to animal crimes.

Kevin Ralston

Inequalities in health, occupational and family outcomes.

Rosie Smith 

‘Spectacular justice’ and the media representation of criminal cases as public dramas.

Matthew Spokes

Popular culture (especially video game culture), spatial sociology, death and social theory.

Kelly Stockdale

Restorative justice; policing; alcohol and drugs; sex work.


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