Dr Rob Sanders


I am currently Senior Lecturer and Head of Programme for the BSc (Hons) Psychology programme at York St John University and at SEGi College (Subang Jaya) Malaysia. I am also a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society. I gained my undergraduate degree in psychology from Brunel University and went on to complete my PhD in neuropsychiatric genetics at the University of Wales College of Medicine. My interests lie broadly in neurocognitive functioning and mental health.


Further Information






My research interests lie in neurocognitive functioning and mental health and I have successfully supervised several post-graduate theses including:


Gascoyne, S. “Concealment versus disclosure in mental illness: The impact on levels of psychosocial distress and clinical symptoms.”  York St John University (Leeds University) MA Thesis


Milner , R.C. “The impact of sex differences and levels of arousal on the weapon focus effect."  York St John University (Leeds University) MA Thesis

2004 – 2006

Macrae, H. “Prospective memory abilities and executive function in long term regular cannabis users.”   York St John University (Leeds University) MA Thesis


Professional Activities


I am responsible for all aspects of the undergraduate psychology programme at York St John University and SEGi College (Subang Jaya) in Malaysia; this includes responsibilities for curriculum, quality and standards, and the overall student experience. I am also the departmental liaison representative for the British Psychological Society, a member of York St John University’s quality network and have acted as mentor to Heads of Programme from other subject areas. I make regular contributions to the psychology provision at the National Science Learning Centre at York and act in a supervisory role for psychology assistants of the Assertive Outreach Team in York. Additionally I offer supervision to post-graduate research students at York St John University.




In Progress:

Sanders RD (2014) Critical Thinking in Psychology: Biological Psychology. Learning Matters. Exeter



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