Dr Steven Hirschler

Dr Steven Hirschler

I am a Lecturer in Criminology at York St John University. I hold a BA in Political Science from UCLA, and an MA and PhD from the University of York. I previously worked in the Department of Law and Criminology at Edge Hill University and the Department of Sociology at the University of York.


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I have taught on subjects including constructions of race and ethnicity in the criminal justice system, state and social harm, and the marketisation of border control functions. Examples of current modules I teach at York St John University include the first year module, 'Victimology', and the second year module, 'Ethnicity, Crime and the Criminal Justice System'.




My research interests include the securitisation of migration, the privatisation of UK asylum housing and representations of structural harm within popular interactive media. I have previously published on topics ranging from the 2011 UK riots to the implications of expanded social control markets following the 2016 ‘Brexit’ referendum.


Publications and Conferences


Journal Article(s)

Hirschler, S. (2017). Brexit, immigration and expanded markets of social control. Safer Communities, 16 (4), pp.176–185.

Book Chapter(s)

Hirschler, S. (2012). ‘Riots in retrospective: immigration and the crisis of the “other”’ in Briggs, D. (ed.). The English Riots of 2011: A Summer of Discontent. Hampshire: Waterside Press.


Millie, A. and Hirschler, S. (2018). New Recruits in the Police: a study of attitudes, values and beliefs. Report for Lancashire Constabulary. Ormskirk: Edge Hill University.


Denham, J., Hirschler, S., Spokes, M. (2019). Consumptive Play: The Reification of Capitalism in Grand Theft Auto Online. Proceedings of DiGRA 2019. Digital Games Research Association.



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