Helgi Clayton McClure

Graduate Teaching Assistant

School of Psychological and Social Sciences

E: h.mcclure@yorksj.ac.uk

T: 87 6166

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BA (Hons) Psychology & Linguistics, University of Oxford, 2016

Further Information


In the academic year 2018-19 I am involved with delivering the following undergraduate modules:
1PY400 Exploring Social Psychology
1PY401 Cognition 1
2PY285 Investigating Cognition
1PY407 Survey Research Methods


My research considers the mechanisms and characteristics of spontaneous future thinking - a state where individuals vividly 'pre-experience' events in their near or distant future. I am particularly interested in the potential benefits of this type of thinking in terms of achieving behavioural goals.

A large part of my work is devoted to developing and validating new methods for studying future-related thinking with minimal reactivity (i.e. people reporting in a biased way because of the reporting process). This poses a great challenge, since explicit, conscious thoughts cannot be recorded without some awareness on the participant's part.

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