Supporting Staff

The School Administration Unit team (SAU) provides administrative support to staff within the Schools and across the University regarding policy and processes and resolving queries related to school and programme administration. 

Below are some of the answers to the most common questions we receive.

If you are unable to find an anwer below, please contact the relevant School Administration Unit team directly.

Student Attendance

How do I access the Attendance Monitoring System (AMS)?

Using PCs in teaching rooms

  1. Plug in your USB card scanner,
  2. Go to the AMS page on the desktop (via Chrome)
  3. Double click the icon and AMS will open
  4. If prompted, log in using your normal YSJ username and password.

Using a laptop or other device

  1. Plug in your USB card scanner
  2. Navigate to the staff pages on the website.
  3. Scroll down to 'University systems and quick links' and click on 'Attendance Monitoring System'.
  4. If prompted, log in using your normal YSJ username and password.

How do I log an issue I am experiencing with the AMS?

Please email and provide detailed information about the issue, e.g. screenshots, ID card numbers, module code, date/time of session and specific details of the sequence of events leading to the issue.

For any student specific issues, please ensure you include the Student ID number, this can be found on the Student's ID card.

Teaching and Assessments

What do I do with late submissions?

If you receive a late submission from a student and need more information on how to mark this, please follow this link to the official University policy.

How do I find out if a student has an approved extension for an assignment/exam?

When a student has an extension request approved you may receive a copy of the email that is sent to them from Registry which includes details of their new deadline.


If you have not received an email and are unsure if an extension has been approved please contact a School Administrator who will be able to check for you.


Please note, in some cases, the School Admin may have updated the deadline on Moodle.

How do I arrange for a Moodle account to be set up for an External Examiner?

The accounts for External Examiners are arranged by the SAU team. If you notice that the External Examiner for your programme does not have access to your module on Moodle please let the SAU team know.


Please email the SAU with the following information:

First/Given name

Surname/Family name

Email address

How can I arrange to postpone my teaching?

As soon as you can, contact your Line Manager/Subject Director and copy your School inbox, HR and Module Director to inform them of your absence and the affected classes.


Full process details are provided here:

Postponement to Teaching (PDF, 82.5 KB).


Please also contact your School Administration team if possible with the new date and time of the rearranged session.


The SAU will send an email notification and a SMS message to all students affected and place a sign on the door of the teaching room notifying anyone of the postponement.

Trips and Travel

How do I book travel and accommodation?

Travel and accommodation should be booked through the School Administration Unit using the university's travel provider STA travel.

  1. Before any travel or accommodation can be booked you will need to complete an Academic Funding and Travel Authorisation Form which requires approval from the Head of School.
  2. The estimated cost of travel should be included on the form: quotes can be obtained through the STA portal or by contacting STA directly
  3. If travel is international, the form should also be submitted to DVC Admin for overseas travel approval. 
  4. If travelling for the first time you will need to set up a profile with STA travel. This can be done by emailing You should then add your School Administrator(s) as bookers on your profile.
  5. Once Authorisation has been received the booking is processed by the School Administration Unit.

Further information on the travel booking process can be found on the staff intranet: Travel Booking Guidance


Student Trips


Student trips follow the same process as booking travel and here are the steps:

  • Authorisation must be obtained from the Head of School citing the overall estimated cost of travel and accommodation and then sent to your School Office team for processing.
  • A list of all students/staff on the trip must be provided to the SAU and a risk assessment must be completed prior to departure, which can be downloaded here: Home Travel Safety and Security Risk Assessment (DOC, 32kB) 
  • All trips will require further information e.g. emergency contact details, dietary requirements, itinerary, passport info (if applicable) etc. and will be captured on the online store set up by SAU.
  • Before the students leave the campus they must be signed out by the trip organiser and a list of all attending students’ needs to be forwarded to the SAU. 
  • Please also make yourself familiar with the Service Level Agreement prior to requesting a trip booking which can be accessed here :  Student Trips Service Level Agreement March 2019 (PDF 0.3 mb)

How do I book to attend a conference?


  1. Please complete an Academic Funding and Travel Authorisation Form (XLSX, 53.2KB) with the total cost of the conference attendance including any registration fees and travel/accommodation requirements.
  2. Send the completed form to your Head of School to request authorisation.
  3. If the request is approved please liaise with the SAU to book.

How do I order a taxi?

Please contact the School Admin Unit, providing as much notice as possible, with all the details regarding the booking including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Pick up point
  • Destination
  • Return journey if applicable.

The SAU will then request authorisation, if this is needed, and will notify you if the booking has been made.


General Queries

How can I update my staff profile?

How can I update my staff profile?

All staff are advised to review their staff profiles regularly and ensure they are up-to-date for consistency and quality of content on the university website.

  • to review your current profile go to the Schools pages on the University website, follow the link to your School, and select Staff Profile from the left-hand page menu.

Please check that your profile has the following:

  • a photo [a photo can be uploaded via the online form]
  • email address, and your telephone number is in this format: +44 (0)1904 87…,
  • is written in the first person
  • content for each of the following sections:
    • Profile (background/qualifications),
    • Teaching,
    • Professional Activities,
    • Research
    • Publications

Once you have completed the online form, your profile information will be automatically directed to a member of the School Administration Team; we aim to update profiles within 10 working days.

If you have any questions, would like any assistance or if you would like to provide feedback on this process, please email the school web editing team lead, Agnieszka Jackowska-Moore:

How do I order stationery?

The SAU does not order stationery for academic staff and all stationery orders will need to be sent to Print Services with authorisation from your Head of School. The form and guidance are on the website.  


Your SAU office should have a stationery catalogue that you can look through for items and their codes.

How can I arrange for material to be printed?

If you need any materials for your sessions to be printed, please contact Print Services.

How do I book Visitor parking?

Parking facilities at York St John University are for the use of permit holders and booked visitors only.

Please note that no more than 3 parking spaces can be booked on any one day by one staff member or for the same event.

You need to use the Car Park Visitor Booking application. View the application and further guidance on car parking on campus.

SAU staff queries

SAU staff should refer to the SAU Staff Site on Moodle - YSJU username and password is required to access the site.

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