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The School Administration Unit (SAU) is here to support you with any queries related to your programme of study.

Below are some of the answers to the most common questions we receive.

If you are unable to find an answer below, please contact the relevant School Administration Unit team directly.

Email Communication Expectations - schools

The York St John University academic community is committed to responding effectively, appropriately, and in a timely manner to student communication. Whilst recognising that students may communicate via a range of media, including Moodle, these expectations relate to the use of email.

When & how can I communicate with the schools?

York St John University


The York St John University academic community is committed to responding effectively, appropriately, and in a timely manner to student communication. Whilst recognising that students may communicate via a range of media, including Moodle, these expectations relate to the use of email.

To this end, during term time, all lecturing staff will:

  • i) Publish, outside their office door and/or online (via Moodle module pages or similar), their weekly office hours, appointment sheets, or other information indicating their availability;
  • ii) Respond to you within two working days, normally between the hours of 9.00 and 17.00. This may be a holding email if, for example, a reply requires discussions to take place with others. However, the holding email will indicate a time-frame within which you can expect a full reply.
  • iii) Use the email ‘out of office’ facility to identify alternate contacts when on leave or absent from campus.

You will please:

  • i) Respect the office hours/appointment times and use these times appropriately;
  • ii) Use email to contact staff where possible;
  • iii) Contact the School Admin Unit if you have not had a response after two working days.

The School Admin Unit will follow this up to ensure you receive a response as soon as possible.

Please be aware that part-time staff may not be able to respond within two days so if you have an urgent query please contact the School Admin Unit.

Office hours/appointment times are guaranteed times when you can meet with a tutor but lecturing staff will also be accessible at other times and you should use the Tutorial Booker to arrange to meet. Whilst we want to be as available as possible, lecturing staff do have a lot of demands on their time so please be patient if they are not immediately available to see you. If there is ever anything urgent, please do contact the School Admin Unit as someone else may be able to help you.

We would also ask that, when emailing, you include something in the subject box else your email may be rejected as junk mail!

It would be helpful if you would also reply to emails within two days.

During student vacation periods it may not be possible to contact your tutor – please contact the School Admin Unit if you have any urgent queries.


November 2018

Teaching and Attendance

How do I report an absence?

By using the online absence form. You must tell us if you are unable to attend any programme related sessions e.g. lecture, seminar, workshop, tutorial, field trip etc.

How can I check who my Academic Tutor is?

When you join a programme at the University, you will be assigned an Academic Tutor from your School(s). Your Academic Tutor will be able to advise you on various aspects of your study, among others on which optional modules you should take to enhance your knowledge of your chosen area of study.

If you are unable to identify who your Academic Tutor is contact the relevant School Administration office.

Postgraduate students: in most cases the Course Leader is your Academic Tutor



How can I meet with an academic member of staff outside of a timetabled session?

You can book a tutorial with an academic member of staff using the online tutorial booker: Student guide to using Tutorial Booker

Please contact your tutor directly if there are no appropriate time slots, or if they do not appear on the system.

Academic staff contact details can be found on the relevant school page.

What happens if a timetabled session is postponed?

A notification will be sent via email, text or Moodle with as much advance notice as possible. A notice will always be placed on the door of the room. Please keep your contact details up to date on e:Vision to ensure you receive notifications and check your York St John University email account regularly.

What should I do if my ID card was lost/stolen and I cannot tap in to class?

If you have lost your Student ID card, for York campus students, please check at the Porter's Lodge and the Information Services Desk in Holgate to see if it has been handed in.  For London campus students, please check at the Information Services Desk.

You will need to notify your tutor at the start of your class that you do not have your ID card and they will be able to advise you on registering your attendance.

You can request a replacement card at a charge of £5.00, or free with a crime reference number.

More details about replacing and changing your Student ID card can be found on the Replacement Student ID Cards page.




Who do I ask if I have questions about my attendance?

Please contact your School Administrator with any queries relating to attendance monitoring.

Assignments and Assessments

How do I find out about my module assignments and deadline dates?

Assignment and deadline dates are held on the Moodle page for each module. Please get in touch with the relevant School Administration office if you have difficulty locating this information.


For more information regarding exam dates, please see our key academic dates page and examination timetables page. 

How can I find out about resits?

The University has set resit period dates which are listed under the Key Academic Dates

If you were unsuccessful with your first submission you will be informed by Registry about this and if you have an opportunity for a resit.

Information about the resit deadline for the assignment will be available on the module Moodle page. If you are unsure about how to submit your resit please contact your School Administrator.


For more information regarding resits, please see the Resitting Modules page.

What should I do if I’m having problems uploading my assignment?

In all cases it is advised to upload assignments at least 3 hours before the deadline in case of any technical issues. It is your responsibility to ensure the assignment is uploaded in time. Contact the relevant SAU office if you are experiencing upload issues.

Where do I hand in hard copies of my assignments (if required by your course)?

Some modules have work which requires hard copies to be handed in.

Please check the number of copies required for a given assignment and remember to attach a cover sheet. For York campus students, these should be handed in to the relevant School Admin Unit office, room details are here.  For London campus students, please hand work in to the Information Services Desk in Holgate.


When submitting hard copies you will be asked to complete a receipt and you’ll need the following information:

  • Student Number (on your ID card)
  • Programme
  • Module Tutor (in case of dissertations this should be you supervisor)
  • Module code
  • Module title
  • Assignment number (if there is only one assignment for your module just enter 001)
  • Assignment type – please consult the assessment information on Moodle

When and where can I collect hard copies of my marked work?

For York campus students, this can be collected from the relevant SAU office, you will be advised when available to collect. For London campus students, please collect work from the Information Services Desk in Holgate.

Where do I submit work when it’s late?

Please use the late submission link on Moodle. Please note the current penalties for late submissions.

What should I do if I am unable to meet an assignment deadline?

If you feel you are unable to meet an assignment deadline, it is important that you act as soon as possible. You can find all the information about what to do here.

Please remember that the university has a number of resources available to support you throughout your studies among others:

  • ILS - Information Learning Services
  • Funding Advice
  • Wellbeing Team
  • International Student Support

For contact details and further information please go to Student Services.

Can I progress if I do not take my resit?

Please see the Registry page for Re-assessment and Progression for further information.

Making Changes

How do I change modules or programme?

We would always recommend discussing any changes to your modules or programme with your Subject Director(s) first. You will then need to fill in a request form. More details about changing modules can be found on the Your Student Record page.

Can I change from full -time to part-time study?

It is your personal choice to change your mode of study from full-time to part-time and vice versa. Most courses are flexible enough to study part-time. Speak to us at the School Administration Unit, your Academic Tutor or Subject Director to explore your options to change.


PG students: talk to your Course Leader or Subject Director

What are the implications of going part-time and who should I contact?

You will have the same rights and access to university facilities as a full-time student but your period of study will be longer. Your programme will need to be readjusted to part-time study.


IMPORTANT: you will need to find out about the financial implications of changing.

  • Finance Department

How do I suspend my studies?

Before suspending your studies, you will need to meet with your Associate Head to discuss the reasons for suspending your studies.

Once you have met with the Associate Head you will need to fill out an application form. The form and further information can be found here:

There will be possible financial implications of suspending your studies, and you are encouraged to speak with our Funding Advice Team.


General Queries

Where can I find out what modules I can take?

You can find out which modules you can take by looking at the Programme Specifications on the website. Your School may also publish this information on Moodle. If you can’t find which modules you are able to take, then you should contact your School Admin Office. The contact details for each School can be found on the website here:  School Administration Office.

What can I do if I can’t see my modules on Moodle?

If you cannot see your modules on Moodle then you should contact the relevant School Administration Office, making sure you include you student number and the code(s) for the missing Module(s).

What is a case consultation meeting?

You may receive an invitation from your School Office to attend a case consultation meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to support you where there may be issues with your progress on the programme. You will be able to discuss options for support with your tutors in order to keep on track with your studies.  

What is a standards review meeting?

A Standards Review meeting is to discuss exceptional shortcomings in your performance or programme participation and instigate or recommend help, remedial measures, or disciplinary action relating to academic matters. Normally, a Case Consultation would have been held before a Standards Review, except in exceptional circumstances. If you need to attend a Standards Review, you will be contacted by a member of your School Administration Team with an invitation. You can find out more information about Standards Reviews here on the website.

What is a academic misconduct meeting?

Your Subject Director or Programme lead / module tutor may call an Academic Misconduct meeting if they suspect plagiarism within your academic work.

The Subject Director will investigate any evidence of plagiarism during the meeting and make any recommendations that they deem appropriate.

For further information please read our academic misconduct policy. 

How can I get a reference when applying for jobs?

You can request a reference via the School Administration Unit. A member of the team will act on your behalf and circulate your request to relevant members of staff including your Academic Tutor­­. The contact details for each School can be found on the website here.

 For School of Education students please see specific reference request email address

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