We have a large number of specialist pieces of equipment.

Please click on your programme area for details of each item. If you wish to use any equipment outside your programme area, please discuss it with a member of your Technical Team or Johnny Woolsey (Technical Services Manager).

Please note that a full induction must be carried out in conjunction with one of the Technical team before you are allowed to use any piece of equipment. To book an induction please use the tutorial booker link listed under each technician.

The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PDF, 0.2MB) is mandatory whilst using certain pieces of equipment or carrying our particular tasks.

Specialist Equipment

  • Art and Design
  • Computer Science
  • Drama, Theatre and Dance
  • Media Production
  • Music
  • Music Production

Do's and Don'ts

Make sure you follow these Dos and Don'ts when using any equipment and always ask if you're unsure:


  • Ensure you have had the correct training / induction;
  • Wear footwear appropriate for the activity i.e. no flip-flops or high heels when operating equipment;
  • Make sure you know where the fire exits are and that they're kept clear at all times;
  • Ensure that you know how to stop any piece of machinery in an emergency;
  • Keep and leave the spaces clean and tidy;
  • Be aware of others who may be working around you;
  • Report any damage to one of the technicians immediately;
  • Use extractor fans and vacuums to keep dust levels down as much as possible when working in the Art & Design workshops;
  • Switch off any machine immediately if anything goes wrong.
  • Ensure stage flats are secured appropriately and checked by a member of staff;
  • Return any item you have borrowed, in the condition you borrowed it, within the agreed timescale;
  • Read the relevant instructions, Safe Systems of Work and / or COSHH sheets.


  • Use any equipment whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Walk away from any machine running on automatic feed;
  • Keep sharp edged tools in your pockets;
  • Wear headphones or use mobile phones whilst operating any machinery;
  • Wear rings, watches or jewellery whilst operating any machinery and tie up loose hair;
  • Clear swarf away with your bare hands or compressed air, use a vacuum cleaner;
  • Work alone in any space;
  • Stand on chairs or tables to gain access to anything out of reach;
  • Use your own tools or equipment without checking with a technician that they are safe first;
  • Use any piece of equipment you feel may be unsafe; report it to one of the technicians immediately;
  • Loan any equipment to anyone; you are responsible for it and the other person may not know how to use it correctly;
  • Connect a mains extension lead to another extension lead ('daisy-chaining'), ask for a longer lead;
  • Lean on machines or equipment.
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