Constructing Sets or Props

Before you decide to construct a set or props check in the relevant storage areas that there isn't already something that would be appropriate or could be recycled and speak with one of the technicians for advice. Also, some items can be hired which will save on costs, storage and your time.

If you believe you do need to construct something always check with a member of Technical staff before embarking on any tasks. Ensure you use the correct tools, any personal protective equipment (PPE) where applicable and that construction is supervised by a member of staff.

Any new set pieces that are constructed or any hanging fabrics must be treated with an appropriate flame retardant if not already treated (approved treatments are Flame Check or Flamebar) before use under theatrical lighting.

Technical Staff will be able to assist in finding appropriate spaces to work in as well advising on the correct tools and how to access flame retardant - just ask.

For your safety never work alone.

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