Specialist Spaces

There are a number of specialist spaces.

Please click on your programme area for details of each space. If you wish to use any space outside your programme area, please discuss it with a member of your Technical Staff or Jonny Woolsey (Head of Technical Services).

Details of General Performance Spaces

Make sure you follow these Dos and Don'ts when using any space and always ask if you're unsure:


  • Ensure you have had the correct training / induction;
  • Wear footwear appropriate for the activity i.e. no flip-flops or high heels when operating equipment;
  • Make sure you know where the fire exits are and that they're kept clear at all times;
  • Ensure you have completed the relevant risk assessments;
  • Keep and leave the spaces clean and tidy;
  • Be aware of others who may be working around you;
  • Report any damage to one of the technicians immediately;
  • Use extractor fans and vacuums to keep dust levels down as much as possible when working in the Art & Design workshops;
  • Take regular breaks whilst working, especially in performance rehearsals, and keep hydrated;
  • Report any accidents to a member of staff immediately;
  • Wear the appropriate safety equipment for rigging etc.;
  • Evacuate immediately if the fire alarm sounds for more than 30 seconds or told to do so by a member of staff.


  • Work in any space whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Work alone in any space;
  • Stand on chairs or tables to gain access to anything out of reach;
  • Consume any food or drink in any space; only capped bottles of water are permitted;
  • Hold loud, amplified rehearsals until after 5pm and then only with the windows closed;
  • Remove any furniture, equipment or props from a space without consulting a technician first;
  • Leave any rubbish in the space, use the bins provided;
  • Introduce any equipment into the space without first having it tested for electrical safety by one of the technicians;
  • Use any flammable liquids, hazardous substances, pyrotechnics, chemicals or smoke effects in any space;
  • Leave valuables or personal property unattended, lock the room if you need to leave or take the items with you;
  • Prop open fire doors.
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