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I am a senior lecturer in sport and exercise science and currently engaged in a range of research projects including gait analysis of individuals living with dementia and intermittent claudication, and biomechanical and physical determinants of sport-specific actions.

As an undergraduate of York St John University, I developed a passion for sport and exercise science which bode well for the completion of a MSc Sport Science (Clinical Biomechanics) at the University of Hull in 2009 and multidisciplinary PhD at Sheffield Hallam University in 2013.

In my PhD I researched the use of a vertical treadmill for rehabilitation and physical conditioning of athletes whilst holding a visiting lecturer position at York St John University and at other higher education institutions in health, biomechanics and physiology. I was appointed as a full-time lecturer at York St John University in 2014 and achieved senior lecturer status in 2017. In addition, I have practical experience of working with professional and regional athletes and sports teams in strength and conditioning and performance analysis.

Further Information


I have acquired an experience of teaching and endeavours to employ a range of learning opportunities for students, with a focus on technology enhanced learning techniques.

I acquired fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in recognition of my adherence to good teaching practice.

I teach on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and supervise dissertation students who have similar research interests.


My research interests stem from my MSc and PhD. I am part of a multi-institution research team, researching the acute and long-term effects of different footwear on walking distance and gait in people with intermittent claudication.

Recently, I have focussed on gait in people with dementia with the intention of developing interventions such as dementia-specific exercise programmes and footwear to enhance independence, quality of life and reduce the likelihood of falling.

Lastly, I have brought a vertical treadmill (VertiRun, Sheffield) to York St. John for student research projects aligned with physical conditioning and rehabilitation of those with lower limb injuries and amputations.


Peer-reviewed publications (available on RaY)

Jordan, Alastair Ross and Claxton, David and Purvis, Alison and Barnes, Andrew and Fysh, Mary (2018) Sprint interval training on the vertical treadmill improves aerobic and anaerobic running performance. Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, 14 (1). pp. 106-112.

Tew, Garry and Shalan, Ahmed and Jordan, Alastair and Cook, Liz and Fairhurst, Caroline and Coleman, Elizabeth and Hewitt, Catherine and Hutchins, Stephen and Thompson, Andrew (2017) Unloading shoes for intermittent claudication: a randomised crossover trial. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, 17 (283).

Jordan, Alastair and Barnes, Andrew and Claxton, David and Purvis, Alison and Fysh, Mary (2017) Kinematics and neuromuscular recruitment during vertical treadmill exercise. Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, 13 (3). pp. 307-314.

Jordan, Alastair and Tew, G. and Shalan, A. and Hutchins, S. and Cook, L. and Fairhurst, C. and Thompson, A. (2016)Unloading shoes for improving walking ability in people with intermittent claudication: A randomised cross-over trial. In: Journal of Sport Sciences, BASES Conference, October 2016.

Jordan, Alastair and Thomas, Aaron and Wilkie, Brett and Harper, Damian and Liefeith, Andreas and Metcalfe, J. (2016)Training-induced changes in external load on academy soccer players. In: 21st Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, 19 July 2016, Vienna.

Professional Activities

Performance Analyst Yorkshire RUFC
Performance Analyst Yorkshire Terriers RUFC
Team member of Active Life Active Mind - dementia friendly multisport and physical activity programme


BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
MSc Sport and Exercise Science
PhD Physiology of and Biomechanics during Vertical Treadmill Exercise
Fellowship of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

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