Information for Current RKC Students

If you are currently an RKC student studying with York St John University please use the links below to find useful information, forms and answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that has not been answered below, please email:

How do I reset the password for my York St John IT account?

Your York St John IT account is separate to your RKC Online Campus account.


You will have a unique username and password with us to access our IT systems, inlcuding emails, Moodle and eVision. It also gives you access to York St John’s resources: a great range of electronic books, journals and databases so don’t miss out!


If you have forgotten your username or password please email:


Please include your full name and YSJ student ID number in your email and let us know if you need a reminder of your username or if you need a password resetting.

How do I request an extension for an assignment?

All extensions must be approved in advance of your deadline date by completing an Exceptional Circumstances form and returning this to:


Any requests received after your deadline will be declined and you will not be eligible for a full mark on this attempt.


All requests must be backed up with evidence, for example a Doctor's note if you are ill, a death certificate in case of bereavement or a letter from an employer explaining that circumstances you are experiencing at work were unpredicted and outside of your control.


Your information will be kept in the strictest confidence and only be used to make a decision about your claim.


For more imformation and a link to the Exceptional Circumstances form please follow the link for Assessment Deadlines and Exceptional Circumstances.


How do I take time out of my course (suspend studies)?

If you feel that you are currently unable to continue with your studies you can request to take a suspension of studies. You may be asked to provide evidence and your request has to be approved by the Subject Director at York St John University and the Registry Department. For example, you may be experiencing long term health conditions that are affecting your ability to study and may need to provide medical evidence of this.


Please note that having a period of suspension approved is not an alternative to having an extension, and you may still be asked to meet a current deadline for an assignment before your suspension can be agreed.


Periods of suspension cannot be backdated and are usually only granted for a maximum of 1 year so you must make sure you put in your request as soon as you feel you need the suspended period.


While you are on a period of suspension you will not have access to your Tutor as you will not be expected to work during this time. Also, this period will not be added on to your available course time and you will be using up the maximum time you have to complete the course.


For more information please follow the link for Suspension of Studies (previously intercalation).

I want to withdraw from the programme. What do I need to do?

Please make sure you talk to a representative at before making a final decision.


They may be able to advise you on other options that are available without the need for withdrawing, such as a suspension of studies or an exceptional circumstances extension. They can also talk you through your options regarding fees and the implications on you withdrawing.


Please be aware that you will not be able to request a refund of fees paid so far, as agreed upon admission.


If you would still like to withdraw from the programme please follow this link and complete the Notification of Withdrawal from RKC programme form.


You will need to send the form to for approval.

How do I access the YSJ Library?

As a York St John student you also have access to our library facilities. If you are resident overseas, you will benefit primarily from our online resources including electronic books, electronic journals and databases. To access these, you need to have created your YSJ IT account. You will find details of how to do this in the enrolment email you received when you started the programme.


Our homepage is at: and that is the starting point to search for our electronic resources.


Please use the library catalogue to find our ebooks.


Use Specialist resources for Business to find journal articles and other resources. The Discover database limits to YSJ materials only.


If you come to the YSJ Residency, you may need to use your student card with your student number and PIN. For more details please ask when you are at YSJ.

I am waiting for my Award, how do I get confirmation of my results?

Every student who passes with a Diploma or higher will get an invite to the next available Graduation Ceremony.


Graduation Ceremonies are held during November and invites are normally issued towards the end of July/start of August.


If you are able to attend you will receive your Award certificate during the ceremony.


If you cannot attend, all remaining certificates are posted out in the weeks following the ceremony. These are sent via airmail so please allow up to four weeks from the date of postage for yours to arrive. You may also want to log in to eVision and check your postal address is correct.


If you need confirmation of your results before November, for example for your CV and jobs you are applying for, you have the following options:


You can log in to eVision using your YSJ username and password. Here you can view all your details and marks given, and print these out.


Alternatively you can request a Transcript of Results by visiting the online store. Here you can request for a copy to be posted to you via airmail for free or you can purchase DHL courier service. You can also specify an email address in other information if you would like a PDF copy to be emailed to you.

How do I request a Student ID Card?

If you would like to request a student ID card please send a photo to


Your photo must be:


  • A recent colour photo
  • Be of you alone (no other people or pets)
  • Be taken against a pale background
  • Show you facing forwards with your head and shoulders in the photograph
  • Show your full face
  • Show your eyes clearly and avoid glare on glasses if you wear them (do not wear sunglasses in the picture)
  • Be in jpeg format (filename ending .jpg)
  • Be at least 300 pixels by 300 pixels in size


If you are attending the Residency in York a student ID card will be produced for you and be available on your first day at YSJ.


How do I update my details with York St John?

If you have had a change to your personal details you will need to update York St John and Robert Kennedy College separately.


For example: a change of name or change of postal address.


It is very important you notify us of any changes as the details we hold will be used to produce your Award Certificate and to send this to the address we hold on file for you.


It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your details.


To change your address with YSJ you can log in to eVision using your YSJ username and password.


To change your name please follow the link for Changing Your Official Name and complete the Change of Offical Name form. Please send this to


Please contact to notify them of any changes.

What happens if I miss an assignment deadline?

If you have missed an assignment deadline and do not have an approved extension in place from York St John University please follow this link to see the official policy for Late or Non-Submission of Work.


If you still require further clarification please email:

How do I find out about Graduation in York?

For all information and queries related to Graduation, including queries about gown hire, please see the YSJ Graduation pages or email

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