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Lincoln University of Business and Management is involved in collaborating with leading universities and B-schools globally to provide high international quality and accredited programs to learners in Middle East.

The programs are customized to suit a busy working professional’s ‘wish list’, ticking all the right boxes of flexibility, affordability, quality, applicability and feasibility of a program.

The program consists of modules that are vital to businesses today. The pedagogy involves laying a sound foundation through concepts and applying those to relevant scenarios of a work place. Faculty members engage the students in discussions, case studies, videos, simulations and activities or presentations performed individually or in groups.

The professional team ensures that the busy professionals are able to complete the programs on time by providing real time assistance.

The school also firmly believes in power of networking as the business development rests heavily on exchange of ideas of like-minded individuals. We offer opportunities for students and alumni to interact with industry leaders during guest lectures and conference.

The underlying objective of the school is to build a robust community of high performing professionals and entrepreneurs who in turn set an example and motivate the coming generation in laying foundation to a holistic society.


Vision: To create a strong, reliable, scalable and professional cohort of learners that the industry and world needs.

Mission: To arm learners in Middle East with internationally recognised business qualifications that are delivered in a flexible and affordable manner

Management: The team at LUBM have over 3 decades of experience in the education sector spanning in US, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. With strong industry linkage, the learners get a ready network to tap for career prospects. The core management team firmly believes in tremendous potential of learned working adults in changing the world for better.

Faculty: Faculty members are the main pillars of any educational set up. For us at LUBM, our faculty members are our pride and are dealt with utmost dignity. This association translates in healthy relation with the learners. The faculty members associated with LUBM are professionally qualified with at least Masters and PhD in their respective areas. They also have several years of experience in teaching, coaching and corporate training. They come from various universities and nationalities. They are also actively engaged in various consultative projects with organisations internationally.

Team: A professional team of highly motivated individuals join us in fulfilling the mission of LUBM. We have secured outstanding response on the support services extended to busy professionals in order to assist them in accomplishing their dreams for a higher education qualification.

Quality standards: We follow stringent quality measures across our process to ensure seamless delivery and experience. Compliance is at forefront while delivering the programs of our partners who are prestigious universities globally. The quality of the program ensures that the learners get familiar to rigorous methods and can never faze under pressure.

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