Pastoral Care


I am Sarah Crabbe, a Senior Lecturer in the Business School and with the role Director of Student Engagement. The aim of this role is to support students to fully engage with their studies and the experiences on offer here in York Business School.

For students in the Business School I am the person to turn to when your responsibilities and other concerns begin to disrupt your life at university. You have academic tutors and course leaders for academic support, my role is more pastoral. If you need someone to talk to, to help you work through problems, or you want someone to know what you are going through, please make an appointment to see me or send me an email.

Students have come to talk to me about their home life, deciding to change courses, programs and even university, their finances and juggling their caring responsibilities with university life. All conversations are confidential, but I can signpost you to other services such as student finance or wellbeing.

I am also the person who will want to have a chat if your attendance is not as it should be to check in case there are issues that are preventing you from taking full advantage of the learning opportunities or to help you to develop your skills as an independent learner.

You can email me at or telephone on 07970778436.


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