Syed Ahmed

PhD - A critical Analysis of Workplace safety and its impact on productivity on Bangladesh RMG Industry

York Business School - Research Student


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BPP University

Master of Science (MSc)

Management with Academic Career Skills


Anglia Ruskin University

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


University of Sunderland

BSc in International Tourism and Hospitality Management


PhD Thesis: A Critical Analysis of Workplace safety and its impact on productivity in Bangladesh Garments Industry

Organizational management plays a critical role in workplace safety (Hayes et al., 1998). In recent years, workplace safety has been linked to employee motivation leading to increased productivity and worker-owner relationships (Nielson et al., 2016). Developed nations have high importance to workers safety and meeting minimum safety requirements leading to lesser workplace incidents. Despite a major effort in developing nations to improve workplace safety, there are frequent hazard in factories and manufacturing units (Burke, 2013; Dutta, 2017).


The aim of this study is to describe and explain the impact of workplace safety on productivity in garment factories in Bangladesh. The research will explore some key intermediate variable such as employee motivation, employee satisfaction, and work-life balance which are indicators to productivity outcomes and profitability of businesses in Bangladesh. The research proposes a mixed methods research design using face-to-face interviews with factory owners and key stakeholders of the Bangladesh garment industry along with survey data to explore the factors that increase overall profitability – workplace safety being one of the critical parameters. The author will interview senior executives to determine the pressures exerted on them for meeting minimum workplace safety standards. Using exploratory questions on the challenges of creating a safe working environment for the Bangladeshi factory workers and how it may affect profitability of companies.

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