York Business School - Postgraduate Research Supervisors

Dr Kweku Adams

I would welcome enquiries from potential research students working on business strategy and international business, particularly, governance challenges facing multinational corporations, policies and practices of emerging market multinationals, innovation and international competitiveness, foreign direct investments (FDI), banking in Africa, economic development, intervention and liberalization policies in emerging economies.

Dr Adams and Dr Koukpaki have been awarded QR funding to investigate the state of HRD in India and South-East Asia, and will welcome students who would like to pursue their research degrees in this field.


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Professor Christopher Bailey

I would be very interested in working with students doing research into topics such as cultural policy and management, the evaluation of cultural impacts, and the histories of the governance of the cultural sector, including creative industries, heritage and the arts. Subjects I have supervised include the relationship between culture and regeneration, the development of cultural festivals, and the relationship between culture and place.


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Dr Rebecca Biggins

I am interested in supervising research projects in the areas of both tourism and marketing. My research interests in tourism specially apply to the areas of heritage tourism, community engagement in tourism and tourism marketing. Further within the field of marketing I am engaged in research in the areas of generational cohort theory and millennials, luxury branding and fashion marketing.


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Dr George Boak

I am interested in supervising qualitative research into aspects of leadership behaviour, leadership development practices, and how people go about leading innovation and change in different contexts.


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Dr Mike Hemmings

I am interested in supervising students on all aspects of HRM; especially organisational change, learning and development, knowledge and diversity management. I have a particular interest in employment relations and trade union organising and voluntary sector organisations policy, leadership, management and employment relations. I am also interested in supervising students covering broader areas of welfare and public service reform, especially where this includes the role of voluntary sector organisations. In relation to research methods I  have a particular interest in qualitative and longitudinal research while in relation to pedagogy I am interested in critical pedagogy.


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Dr Serge Koukpaki

I am keen to supervise PhD theses in strategic decision making, strategic  leadership, and  human resource management impacts in higher education contexts and in developing countries. I welcome enquiries on how strategic leadership drives the performance of organisations.

Dr Adams and Dr Koukpaki have been awarded QR funding to investigate the state of HRD in India and South-East Asia, and will welcome students who would like to pursue their research degrees in this field.


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Dr Greig Mill

I am interested in supervising research in a number of areas. I am interested in social and environmental aspects of business, for example regarding responsible business behaviour or regarding the impact of business activities on particular groups or environments.


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Dr Brendan Paddison

Dr Brendan Paddison

I would welcome applications from potential students wishing to undertake research that explores tourism management and destination governance; the politics of place within the context of urban and/or political geography, public policy and public sector management; and projects that focus on the historical development of tourism. 


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Dr Chen Ren

I am interested in supervising students who are interested in the study of branding, especially in the area of employer branding and luxury branding and cross-culture branding management.


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Dr Silvia Szilagyiova

I am keen to supervise PhD theses with original contribution to knowledge of indebtedness and poverty as well as microfinance. I also welcome applications from students wanting to pursue the research in area of international markets, particularly oil prices with link to monetary policy.


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Dr Nadine Waehning

My research expertise spans across a variety of both qualitative and quantitative studies. My PhD was looking into Consumer motives to purchase regional products: the relationship with regional cultural differences and demographic variables. My current area of research focuses on internationalisation enablers and challenges for micro-firms in the case of craft breweries. I welcome applications from students wanting to undertake research that draws on consumer motives, cultural differences, internationalisation and marketing of SME's.


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Professor David Weir

“Intercultural Management” starts from the claim that who we are influences what we do and that the reality of what leaders and managers do in practice is structured by the cultures in which their behaviour is embedded. I am working on Organisation, Leadership and Management in the Middle East countries, Ethnographic and Auto-ethnographic research into Organisation and Management, Spacing and Timing in Organisational practice, Poetry and Storytelling. Among the contexts that are important to me are Police work, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the MENA countries, Development Agency effectiveness and how the living self relates to one's moral responsibilities in relation to Others.

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