Professor Jeff Gold

Qualifications: BA Economics and Postgraduate Qualifications in HRM and Education.


I was 2006-2014 co-founder of the HRD and Leadership Research Unit at Leeds Business School, a collaborative project with several organisations including Hallmark Cards, Morrisons plc, Skipton Building Society, BUPA, LBBC ltd, Webanywhere and TheWorks. The projects sought to support leadership and talent development in each organisation and allow knowledge to be shared between partners.

I was also the Director of the DBA programme at Leeds Business School The programme started in 2009 and recruited 9 cohorts over 4 years.

I have delivered a wide range of seminars, programmes and workshops on change, strategic learning, futures and foresight management and leadership with a particular emphasis on participation and distribution.

Further Information


I have taught at all levels of higher education but most recently my work focused on doctorate education.


My research is currently focussed on the use and acceptance of predictive technology in policing.

Professional Activities

I am a Member of the following organisations:

  • British Academy of Management
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


I have published widely throughout my career. Recent examples include:

  • Bratton, J. and Gold, J. (2017) HRM: Theory and Practice (6th Edition), Basingstoke: Palgrave
  • Gold, J. and Bratton, J. (2016). Advancing Towards Critical Human Resource Development Education (CHRDE): Using the Sociological Imagination. In Jamie L. Callahan, Jim Stewart, Clare Rigg, Sally Sambrook, and Kiran Trehan (eds). Realising Critical HRD: Stories of Reflecting, Voicing, and Enacting Critical Practice. Cambridge Scholars Publishing (pp.65-89).
  • Gold, J. (2016) Reconnecting leaders to organization cultures, International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy and Research, Vol 1 No 1: 21-33
  • Oppong, N.Y., and Gold, J.  (2016) Developing local managers in the Ghanaian mining industry: an indigenous talent model, Journal of Management Development, Vol. 35 Iss: 3.
  • Lawler, J. and Gold, J. (2016) The leader’s conundrum. In Bolden, R., Witzel, M. and Linacre, N. (Eds), Leadership Paradoxes: Rethinking Leadership for an Uncertain World. London: Routledge
  • Anderson, L., Gold, J., Stewart, J. and Thorpe, R. (2016) A Guide to Professional Doctorates in Business and Management. London: Sage
  • Yeo , R.K.,  Gold, J.  and Marquardt, M.J. (2015),"Becoming ‘Leaderful’: Leading Forward in Turbulent Times", Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. 47 Iss 6 pp.285 - 292
  • Yeo , R.K. and Gold, J. (2015),"More than meets the eye: working around technology in cross-boundary work contexts", Information Technology & People, Vol. 28 Iss 3 pp. 623 - 652
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