The Executive MBA Degree Apprenticeship

The Executive MBA has been designed to support your career progression, preparing you to carry out senior strategic roles successfully or to build your own business.

You will study with a cohort of experienced professionals drawn from a range of industries and countries, building your network and giving you insights into best practice internationally. As a consequence, you will explore issues that have significant impact within organisations by working with others and building on both personal individual experiences and comparing and contrasting with those of cohort members. In addition you will be able to apply the knowledge and skills you develop during the programme immediately in the workplace. You will carry out projects and assignments and participate in competitions and business simulations, designed to help you apply the theories, tools and techniques you learn.

You will develop a critical understanding of the issues relating to business and management, which will enhance their ability to maximise individual and organisational potential. The York MBA brings together relevant contemporary academic theory and research with practical understanding of activities within organisations. This will be developed by enabling you to share knowledge, relate this to theories developed from relevant research, and learning by practical application.

The Executive MBA has been designed to meet the requirements of the Level 7 Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship. Subject to eligibility, your organisation may be able to use their apprenticeship levy to cover the costs of you attending this course.

Modules studied include:

  • Executive Perspectives on Leadership, Culture, Innovation and Change
  • Organisational Design and Strategic Thinking
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Resource Management
  • Capstone Project

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their apprenticeships. This may involve previous management experience, having undertaken an apprenticeship or qualifications. The University would recommend that an Executive MBA apprentice is someone who is working at a level whereby they can influence strategy or are being seen as someone who has been identified as a future leader. There is a need for apprentices to have completed English and Maths at Level 2 either prior to starting or before completion of the the MBA (which York St John University can deliver if required).

The programme delivery is based on principles of adult learning - recognising that participants are likely to bring a large amount of experience and knowledge to the group, and can share this with each other. The style of the programme is participative, and resources for learning explicitly include the knowledge, experience and skills of all participants and staff.

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