Current Research Projects in York Business School

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Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group

Working in collaboration with Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), York Business School (YBS) has since April 2015 been developing an evaluation framework for health innovation projects commissioned by the CCG. Each year the CGG provides funding available for bids by local groups including GP practices, social services and voluntary sector group for projects that seek to innovate in health and social care provision. Firstly, we work with successful bids in an informal way to help them ensure that measurable value-adding outcomes can be set, reviewed and adjusted throughout the project and then finally we complete an external evaluation. Typical of such innovation projects are improvements in bowel cancer screening, tackling obesity and alcoholism. Our evaluation framework makes clear the need for the identification of a project owner, a project manager, the development of a plan with clear outcomes and quarterly internal evaluation meetings of stakeholders to allow review, learning and adjustment of the plan. We support this process and provide necessary documentation. 

The largest project we are currently evaluating is concerned with social prescriptions. This seeks to enable to GPs to divert patients with non-clinical needs to other sources of support via a Well-Being partner located in each practice. The evaluation framework seeks to link the work of social prescribing to measures such as GP appointments, hospital admissions and bed occupancy.

As part of our collaboration, we also work with CCG managers in a futures and foresight programme and strategic learning process.

Our work with the CCG is implemented by Dr Iraklis Papageorgiou, our post doc researcher and Professor Jeff Gold, who provides support and leads the strategic work with the CCG.

West Yorkshire Police

Working in collaboration with West Yorkshire Police, York Business School was successful in a bid to the Police Innovation Fund for a predictive policing project, initially for one year but with the potential for two. The project is seeking successful implementation of predictive analytics for preventative police patrols through innovative approaches to selecting appropriate techniques, creating a dynamic culture that embraces evidence-based practice, real-time digital mobile systems and management processes. At the heart of the project is placing police patrols in the right place, at the right time based the predictive power of an algorithm  using the mediation of  supporting systems and technology that  inform and direct officers on patrol. However operational officers need to see the value and use of patrol plans that are based on prediction and, like many examples of the application of new technology, culture plays a key role in both enabling and constraining activities. We will be employing action modes of research to help gain acceptance and produce actionable knowledge for progressive implementation throughout the Force. The YBS Team consists of Dr Marija Krlic, our postdoc researcher who supports the project team at West Yorkshire Police, Dr Pete Watt, providing ongoing research support, Dr George Boak, leading a coaching programme for Sergeants to support police patrols and Professor Jeff Gold, who liaises with project managers.

Luxury Brand Purchases by Millennials

The purpose of this project is to investigate millennials’ consumption of luxury fashion products through the analysis and application of generational cohort theory. Millennials are one of the key target markets today, and by focusing on the purchase decisions of this demographic the project seeks to identify the motivations behind their purchase decisions in order to provide practical insights for luxury brand managers.

This research project is partly funded by York St John University’s ‘Student as Researchers’ scheme. With this support, the principal investigators, Dr Chen Ren and Dr Rebecca Biggins, are working in collaboration with two York Business School postgraduate students, Charlotte Rhodes and Emma Johnson.

Not a Pint Sized Industry - Micro Breweries

Since 2014, Strathclyde University, York Business school (YBS) and Eastern Finland University have been working in collaboration to get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunites in the craft beer market. The project now comprises of three different topic areas: the communication gap between brewers and end consumers; internationalisation of craft breweries (in particular the barriers and enablers); and the importance of networks and relationships for the growth of micro businesses.

The research project was partly funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute (worth £20,000) and York St John University’s Student as Researchers’ scheme (£2,800). External partners include CAMRASIBA and collaborating breweries. The principal investigators are Dr Nadine Waehning and Dr Maria Karampela, who are now working in collaboration with Prof Ignazio Cabras, Dr Juho Pesonen and Helen Reijonen.

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