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Founded by Professor Steve Watson in 2014, HAVRC is the Heritage and Arts Visitor Research Collaborative.

As part of the Futures Research Group at York St John University, HAVRC is designed to foster a critical academic approach to public engagement in heritage and the arts and to act as a vehicle for collaborative work with academics in other faculties and institutions as well as practitioners, operators and communities of interest outside the immediate academic sphere. HAVRC seeks, therefore, to advance scholarship in heritage as a social and cultural practice and to make an impact in the wider community by making and sharing knowledge that is of practical value. A key objective for HAVRC is therefore to bring people together from a diverse range of academic and operational contexts in order to develop new and original research, to identify sources of funding and to disseminate knowledge, experience and useful practice. HAVRC welcomes collaborative ventures and suggestions for research and will happily work with external partners in pursuit of its objectives.

HAVRC is created by a small steering group of committed academics both within the University and from other institutions, experienced practitioners and professional administrators. HAVRC publications, events and opportunities for collaboration will be posted on this website.

Help us to create HAVRC

HAVRC is not a membership organization but loose collective of academics, practitioners and communities with a shared interest in the way that people encounter and engage with heritage and the arts. We have a list of contacts who receive information about activities, opportunities and upcoming events. The list is a resource in identifying possible collaborators projects, for those seeking partners for funding or simply for those seeking advice or support for their own activities.

If you would like to register for the contact list, steering group, or provide details of projects that you would like us to feature, please email b.paddison@yorksj.ac.uk 

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