Associate partners and supporters

We are also grateful to the following people who are contributing their expertise to the social/solidarity economy project:

  • Natasha Almond (UK): field research and networking
  • Olavo Bilac Cardoso (Centre for African Studies, University of Oporto/Cape Verde): networking and facilitating field research in Cape Verde
  • Mike Calvert (York St John University, UK): articles about social economy in UK and Kenya; networking; translation (Spanish to English) 
  • Francisco Blanco-Encomienda (University of Granada, Spain): data analysis
  • Sara Garrido (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Oporto, Portugal): transcriptions of interviews
  • Enrique Gutierrez (Spain): translation (English to Spanish)
  • Charles Hanks (UK): field research, writing articles and translation (Spanish to English)
  • Vasillca Jeremias (Professional of the Non-Governmental Organization for Development TESE – Engineers Without Borders, Mozambique): field research in Mozambique
  • Laura Kreiling (UK/Germany): field research and literature review
  • Eunice Lamolinairie  (University of Oporto, Portugal): translation (Portuguese to French)
  • Inês Pinto Cardoso  (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Oporto, Portugal): transcriptions of interviews
  • Yuki Wada (UK/Japan): translation of survey (English to Japanese)
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