Associate partners in Africa

The mission of the African Chapter of Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association  is to serve the interests of Erasmus Mundus prospective candidates, students and alumni from Africa. The Chapter’s goals is to promote EMA activities through organisation of workshops, events, participation in educational fairs, networking to provide assistance to prospective applicants and newly selected EMA students to build networks and strengthen unity and friendship.

University of Cape Verde -Dpto. de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades.

Fundação Educação Desenvolvimento, Guinea Bissau.

The National Institute of Studies and Research (INEP), Guinea-Bissau.

Founded in 1984, its main objectives are to promote studies and research in social and natural sciences related to the problems of development of Guinea-Bissau and contribute to the development of local human resources. The Centre for Socio-Economic Studies (CESE), one of the units of INEP: (i) promotes, executes and coordinates studies and research in the fields of economics, sociology and other related sciences, (ii) promotes studies and research on the socio-economic situation in Guinea-Bissau and disseminates them, (iii) organises conferences and seminars and other academic events aimed at disseminating scientific knowledge.

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