Round table discussions

Each round table was led by project partners/collaborators in the Social and Solidarity Economy in Higher Education project and the topics were related to the chapters of the handbook.

Round table 1: Universities, social entrepreneurship, principles, values and social capital (Handbook chapters 1 and 6) Roundtable 1 - Embedding values and principles PowerPoint (0.1MB)

Mesa redonda 2: Universidades, economía social y solidaria, modus operandi y politíticas públicas (Capítulos 2 y 3 del manual) Mesa Redonda 2 PG/AMV Powerpoint (96.8kB)

Mesa redonda: Universidades, ESS modus operandi y políticas publicas - contribución Lic. Maria Estela Lauritto (Coordinadora del Programa de Cooperativismo y Economía Social en la Universidad Maria Elena Lauritto - presentación (PDF 0.3MB)

Round table 3: Social responsibility and transformation (Handbook chapter 7) Roundtable 3 - Social responsibility and transformation Powerpoint (95kB)

Material was kindly provided by Hiroshi Ishida to inform this round table (Collaboration for human rights due diligence) Caux Round Table Due Diligence (PDF 0.5MB)

Round table 4: Universities, social entrepreneurship, ecosystems and competences (Handbook chapters 4 and 8) Roundtable 4 - professional competences and ecosystems PowerPoint (100.3kB)

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