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What is a Timebank?

Core Values of Timebanking

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Impact of Timebanking

References and more information

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Further information

For specific case studies and guidance in setting up a time bank, see New Economics Foundation (2008) The New Wealth of Time

Time Banks UK: http://www.timebanks.co.uk/

Fair Shares: http://www.fairshares.org.uk/

TimeBank: http://www.timebank.org.uk/

Time Banks Australia: https://www.timebanking.com.au/

Time Banks New Zealand: http://www.timebank.org.nz/

Time Banks USA: http://timebanks.org/

New Economics Foundation: www.neweconomics.org

Bancos de Tiempo, España: http://www.bdtonline.org/

Graal, Portugal: http://www.graal.org.pt/projecto.php?id=2

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