Continuing Students

Welcome back!

You will be able to re-enrol from mid-August and will receive an e-mail near to this date. Re-enrolment needs to be completed before returning to study at YSJ in September.


Re-enrol online with e:Vision

You will need to re-enrol using e:Vision, using your existing username and password. Passwords expire after a year, however, so you may need to renew it.



If you have forgotten your password or need to renew it, you can use the Password Manager to have a new password e-mailed to the personal (ie non-University) e-mail address we hold for you. If you do not have a personal e-mail address recorded on our system, visit the Student Information Desk in the Holgate Student Centre or, if you are not regularly on campus, we can send it to you via post. When choosing a new password, do not use a password you have used previously.


Student ID cards

As a returning student you are fully enrolled on successful completion of the online enrolment process on e:Vision, and do not require a new Student ID card. If you have changed your programme, and this has an impact on the duration of your study, you should contact the Student Information Desk in the Holgate Student Centre to be issued with a new Student ID card (prior to the expiry of your current card).


Further help

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