Case Consultation Procedures

A Case Consultation is the first stage of the formal monitoring process where student performance or programme participation becomes a cause for concern.  Where necessary this may be followed up by additional Case Consultations.

Purpose of the Case Consultation Procedure

The purpose of a Case Consultation is to identify and secure the implementation of measures to support you, whilst formally noting concerns about your performance, or programme participation.

Membership of a Case Consultation

The membership of the Panel is as follows:

  • Course Leader/ Subject Director
  • Academic Tutor
  • Administrative Support

Notification of a Case Consultation

At least three working days before the meeting you will receive an email to your university email address setting out the reasons for convening the meeting and informing you of the date, time and venue.

A supporter may accompany you to the meeting, for example, this could be the Students' Union Vice-president Education.

Conduct of a Case Consultation

The meeting will discuss your performance on the programme and raise any other concerns that have arisen.  This may include relevant reports from academic staff.

You will have the opportunity to respond to the concerns raised.

Recommendations of the Panel will normally be given at the meeting where possible.

Case Consultation meetings, including the resulting recommendations will always be minuted; draft minutes are normally approved within three working days and the minutes are normally published within five working days.  You will receive a copy of the minutes of the meeting which will be emailed to your York St John University email account and placed on your eVision record.

Outcomes of a Case Consultation

The Case Consultation may identify:

  • An action plan, noting specific actions to be taken by specific dates.  This will be agreed at the meeting and you will receive a copy of this after the meeting
  • Identify specific deadlines for the completion of work
  • Identify specific requirements regarding attendance and participation
  • Opportunities for you to access support
  • Other measures which the Panel deems appropriate

Following a Case Consultation

Where specific outcomes identified within the action plan and/ or minutes have not been met, or where concerns continue in relation to your performance or programme engagement, you may be called to attend a further Case Consultation.

Where there is a risk that you may be unable to complete your programme, or other serious concerns are raised you will be invited to attend a Standards Review.  The outcomes of a Standards Review may include one or all of the following:

  • A written warning
  • Close and regular monitoring of your engagement, participation and work
  • Other measures that the Panel deems appropriate

In particularly serious circumstances:

  • Enforced suspension of studies
  • Termination of your programme of study

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