Car Parking

Students and staff are able to apply for a car parking permit that allows parking at our three accommodation sites. Please see the FAQs at the bottom of the page, for more details on how to apply.

Student and Staff Parking

Please see below the 2018/19 Application Forms and Parking Policy*


Visitor Parking

Staff can book short-term parking for professional visitors.

Parking facilities at York St John University are for the use of permit holders and booked visitors only.

Parking in unauthorised areas or without a permit presents a clear health and safety risk on our sites, and prevents legitimate permit holders and booked visitors from parking, so to ensure that legitimate users are not disadvantaged, the University has chosen to operate a system of Civil Parking Charges rather than vehicle clamping.

A Civil Parking Charge is a legally enforceable charge made against car park users who knowingly breach an agreement to park in accordance with the stated rules of the site.   The charge for all of our parking sites is £50 if paid within 14 days, but increases if unpaid.   All users will always receive an initial warning as per the University’s Parking Policy (16/17), and in the event of receiving a Civil Parking Charge, have the right of appeal, during which time their right to pay at the lower rate of £50 is preserved.

Issuing these charges may involve seeking details of the registered keeper from the DVLA.  Therefore, while any notices will always be issued by our own Security Team, the back office process will be managed by an external partner (The Car Parking Partnership) under license to the DVLA and according to the guidelines of the British Parking Association.


How is car parking income spent?

Income from parking permits is in the region of £30,000 a year.

Permits, printing, and medical assessment costs only amount to around £1,200 annually, but most of the cost of operating the car parking system is hidden within other areas. For example, we estimate that administration costs associated with issuing permits is around £3,000 annually, and the apportioned cost of regular security patrols, permit checks, the issuing of warnings and other related responsibilities can be legitimately estimated at around £20,000 annually.

Other costs include operating and maintaining car park lighting, ground maintenance, signage and sweeping, etc. The amount of work can vary considerably from year to year, and a lot is undertaken by University staff as part of their roles, so it’s harder to put a value on this.

Nevertheless, when the indirect costs are fully considered, this breakdown demonstrates that car parking income and expenditure at the University are fairly well balanced. Overall the University certainly does not make a net profit from car parking permits.

A number of projects relating to the car parking areas across the estate are currently underway or in planning stages, although the cost of these projects haven’t yet been fully agreed:

  • External lighting survey
  • Lighting column and floodlight replacement
  • Relining: City Residence, Grange and Lord Mayor’s Walk.
  • Chewing gum removal

It’s intended that completion of the University’s new waste management system will be funded from this budget (e.g. bin replacements, new waste compactor, awareness raising).

FAQs Staff

Where can I park?

As the university is in the centre of York, parking on campus is extremely limited, and can only be used by blue badge holders, or those that have pre-booked visitor parking allocated to them. A university parking permit allows parking at our university accommodation sites, which are all around a 10-minute walk from campus. These include The Grange (YO31 8SU - 115 spaces), Limes Court (YO31 0AE - 27 spaces) and City Residence (YO31 8JY - 29 spaces) will be used to accommodate both staff and student parking. More information and directions to the site can be found on our website.


How do I apply for a staff parking permit?

All applications are submitted online using the application form found on our website, which is then submitted for approval. You will be notified by email when your permit has been approved/denied.


When can I apply for a parking permit?

Application for staff permits is open all year-round subject to availability, as we have a finite amount of spaces available. Applications made after the limit has been reached, will be placed on a waiting list, and will be notified when a permit becomes available. All parking is on a first come first served basis and a permit does not guarantee a parking space.


What do I need to apply for a parking permit on medical grounds?

Those requiring parking due to existing medical conditions will be required to submit evidence/details of their ill-health. For staff this will be considered by Occupational Health Services. Attendance at an occupational health assessment may be required, and your GP may be contacted for a full in-depth medical history. Health status will be reviewed on an annual basis when permits are re-issued, and if demand exceeds supply, applications will be prioritised according to need.


I live close to campus. Why can’t I have a parking permit?

Due to the limited amount of parking spaces, priority will be given to students or staff that travel from outside the York area for their studies or work.


How much does a permit cost?

The cost of a permit depends on your circumstances: -

  • Staff: 0.6% of gross salary
  • Staff Car Share: 3% of gross salary
  • Discounts: A 25% discount will be applied to permits for low emission vehicles (<120gCO2/km)

How do I pay for a car parking permit?

After providing your payroll number, the cost of a staff permit can be taken out of your monthly wage. If you prefer, you can pay the total amount for the year in one payment.


How can I update my records on my parking permit?

If any of your details change (name, vehicle, model of car), then please email and we will update your profile.


What do I do if I lose my permit?

If a permit is lost, replacement permits will incur an administrative charge of £5. Pay for a replacement at the finance office (Ripon Wing) and then collect from the Porters Lodge, St Anthony’s House.


What happens if I have a visitor? When and where can they park?

Due to current building works, visitor parking is unavailable on the Lord Mayors Walk campus. Visitors should be directed to alternative public carparks.

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