Guidance on completing an EXP01 UK only staff expenses claim form

With effect from 01.12.14 the UK staff expenses claim form has been converted to excel format and is available on the Finance/Forms webpage.

This will allow members of staff to complete the form online with automatic calculations.  However, please note that under the current financial regulations the form will still need to be:

  • Printed off, signed by the claimant and original receipts attached
  • Signed by a budget holder/delegated authority and coded to the nominal code to be charged.

Below is a summary of the features of this form

  • The form will automatically calculate the travel and subsistence you are eligible to claim based on the rates outlined in the expenses policy.  The amount you enter for each category is the total for the claim period.  (e.g. if you have stayed in London accommodation at £100 a night for 3 nights, you would enter £300 in "Total £" and 3 in "No of Days")
  • If you have good reason to exceed the approved rates for subsistence, you may select the category "Other", "Conference", or "Accommodation (Exception)" to include it on the form.  In this instance, appropriate supporting evidence will need to be attached to the claim in order for it to be eligible.
  • Mileage is calculated automatically.  A return journey is classed as one journey, therefore you do not need to include a line for the return.  Simply enter the total overall mileage and the rate will be calculated for you.  You should also include anywhere you travelled via in the overall journey (e.g. if you drove from York to Huddersfield, Huddersfield to Liverpool and then back to York, simply state York > Huddersfield > Liverpool in the narrative and include the total miles you drove).
  • Continuation forms are included in the document on separate tabs, so if you run out of space you can include any additional items on them as they are automatically linked to the front sheet.  Please print them alongside the front sheet if you have used them.

Completing a UK Only Staff Expenses Form

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