Travel and Subsistence Rates

Mileage Rates (effective from 14.02.19)

Mileage allowance for the use of private cars

For the first 50 miles of a journey * 45p per mile
Thereafter 25p per mile

* A return journey is classed as one journey e.g. travelling from A to B at 60 miles, then returning from B to A at 60 miles is a total journey of 120 miles.  This will be paid as 50 miles at 45p, then 70 miles at 25p per mile.

A rate of 12p per mile is paid for use of private pedal cycles on official business. Not applicable to cycles purchased through the Cyclescheme.


Subsistence Rates (covers meals and drinks only)

Up to a maximum of:

Meal  AllowanceInner London AllowanceRequirements 
Breakfast up to £6.00 up to £7.50 (Requiring travel before 7:30 am)
Lunch up to £8.00 up to £10.00 (Requiring travel before 10:00 am and
continuing after 2:00 pm)
Dinner up to £15.00 up to £18.00 (Requiring travel after 7:30 pm)


UK Accommodation and Hotel Rates (Bed and Breakfast) w.e.f 14.02.19

UK - London £160.00 per night
UK - Other £90.00 per night
The above rates must include breakfast and VAT

Overseas Subsistence Rates (covers 1 night accommodation and 3 meals)

£200 per night

Laundry expenses up to a maximum of £15.00.  (see section 7 of expenses policy)

Business Entertaining

Necessary costs of entertaining business contact will be reimbursed up to the following limits:

Lunchtime a maximum of £20 per person
Evening a maximum of £30 per person for an evening meal which includes reasonable drink expenditure


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