Payroll Deadlines for Timesheets/Expenses


2021Payroll Deadline Date (4pm)Pay Date
January Monday 11 January Friday 22 January
February Tuesday 9 February Monday 22 February
March Tuesday 9 March Monday 22 March
April Friday 9 April Thursday 22 April
May Monday 10 May Friday 21 May
June Wednesday 9 June Tuesday 22 June
July Friday 9 July Thursday 22 July
August Monday 9 August Friday 20 August
September Thursday 9 September Wednesday 22 September
October Monday 11 October Friday 22 October
November Tuesday 9 November Monday 22 November
December Thursday 9 December Wednesday 22 December (TBC)
2022 Payroll Deadline Date (4pm) Pay Date
January Monday 10 January Friday 21 January
February Wednesday 9 February Tuesday 22 February
March Wednesday 9 March Tuesday 22 March

All timesheets / overtime claims etc must be authorised and processed to reach the Payroll section in the Finance Office no later than the deadline dates listed above.

Any claims received after the relevant deadline date will not be processed until the following month.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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