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Governance and compliance

How the university meets its governance and compliance responsibilities.

Led by Dr Amanda Wilcox

Supported by Dr Lena Barrett (PREVENT), Marije Davidson (Safeguarding) and Farooq Aftab (Legal)

Farooq Aftab is the University Solicitor for York St John University. He provides in-house legal advice with a particular focus on supporting the development of collaborations and contracts with businesses, charities and educational establishments in the UK and beyond. Farooq also advises colleagues across the University on intellectual property, data protection and a wide range of other legal matters.

For more information, contact Farooq at

Led by Dr Lena Barrett

Supported by Dr Amanda Wilcox

Lena Barrett is the Student Casework Manager.  Her role is to ensure that York St John University correctly applies its own regulations when it makes decisions regarding students.   This includes decisions on progress and award, academic misconduct, discipline, fitness to practise and fitness to study.  Students have the opportunity to challenge University decision-making through the appeals procedure, and Lena’s role is to ensure that the Student Appeals and Conduct Committee independently reviews those challenges fairly and reasonably.

The University has contractual responsibilities to its students, and where students believe those responsibilities have not been met, they may raise their concerns through the complaints procedure.

For more information, contact Lena at

Led by Matt Bellew, Health and Safety Adviser

Supported by Dr Amanda Wilcox and Liam Wilkinson

Matt Bellew is the Health and Safety Adviser.  He supports management and staff on health and safety matters and leads the development and communication of health and safety policy, procedure and guidance.  The role acts as an internal champion to guide and support management in the delivery of their responsibilities for local health and safety, to develop and promote health and safety training solutions and to advise management and our leadership team on our health and safety performance and compliance.

We are all encouraged to play a role in maintaining and improving the safety of our community by identifying and removing hazards where they can and to ensure that they and others work and study safely. Opportunities to improve matters should always be reported appropriately and Matt is here to provide advice and guidance on helping to keep us all safe.

See health and safety webpage for further details.

Led by Marije Davidson

Supported by Dr Lena Barrett

Marije Davidson is Equality and Diversity Adviser. She supports the university to be more diverse, inclusive and accessible for students, staff and visitors.  Her role includes:

  • Advising on key objectives, developing approaches and supporting its implementation
  • Monitoring and reporting, for example through the Annual Equality and Diversity Report to the Board of Governors
  • Increasing visibility of diverse groups and our work and celebrating diversity
  • Helping you understand the impact of your work on different groups.
  • Working with you to be proactive and make your work more inclusive.

To find out about our E&D work as well as policies, guides and support, please visit the Equality and Diversity pages on our website or contact Marije directly at

The Board of Governors has collective responsibility for oversight of the University’s activities.

Dr Amanda Wilcox is the Secretary to the Board of Governors and is supported in that role by Christopher Howell, Governance Officer. The Board of Governors meets at least three times a year and is Chaired by Dame Julia Unwin.

Christopher co-ordinates and minutes meetings of the Board of Governors, Audit, Governance and Nominations, and Foundation Committees. He also leads on projects to improve Board of Governors and committee effectiveness. Christopher provides administrative support to the University's internal audit function working with the University's internal auditors, PwC.

Further details about the Board of Governors and profiles of governors can be found on our governance and structure pages.

Led by Information Governance Assistant Liam Wilkinson

Supported by Dr Amanda Wilcox 

Includes data protection and freedom of information. 

Liam Wilkinson is the Information Governance Assistant. He supports information governance processes within the University, specifically relating to Freedom of Information and Data Protection legislation. As well as responding to Freedom of Information requests and providing advice and guidance regarding data protection to staff and management, he is also responsible for ensuring that the University’s records are efficiently maintained, that key data is communicated internally and externally in a safe and reliable manner and that information and documentation can be easily accessed to aid transparency and accountability.

Information about the University’s records management framework can be obtained from the Student Records Manager, Registry.

The Major Incident TeamBusiness Continuity, and Strategic reviews of Professional Services are also overseen by Dr Amanda Wilcox with the support of the whole team.

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