Keeping our campus safe

York St John University is proud to have an open, friendly and inclusive campus at the heart of York. We welcome people from across the country and the world to our university on a daily basis.

In the current climate and in response to government direction, it is also important that we do everything we can to keep our staff, students and visitors safe and respond proactively and effectively to any risk or incident. Staff and students should maintain a calm and measured vigilance at all times to support this.

To help us all act and think responsibly about these issues a variety of support and resources are available. These include the following:

Concerns on campus

It is important to be vigilant and ACT if you see anything suspicious.  The campus security team can be contacted on 07885 201182, 24 hours a day. View the Counter Terrorism Policing website for national information, including a video and helpline to help you think about what to look out for.

Familiarise yourself with the university’s Major Incident Plan

The Plan outlines how the university will respond to any incident that involve serious injury or death, is likely to seriously impact on the University’s operations or could seriously affect the University’s reputation. Knowing about it will help you know what to expect if something did happen.

Embrace diversity

Building community cohesion and mutual respect is really important to help people stand together in the face of threats.  There is more information from the university Equality and Diversity team about how to combat potential hate crime.

Follow university protocol for all trips and travel

Seek advice from your line manager if you are unsure. All trips and travel should be booked through Selective Travel.

Our duty to safeguard students and PREVENT people from being drawn into terrorism 

It is important that all staff are familiar with the part you play in this. The University Secretary’s Office can provide general or specific advice.  If you have information that you wish to report you can contact North Yorkshire Police.

Know the best course of action

If you were to become caught up in an incident. The government’s Run Hide Tell film provides advice about responding to a firearms or weapons attack.



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