Student Voice – Module Evaluation and End of Semester Review

Students’ feedback on their experience is a central component in our evaluation of learning, teaching and assessment. Students provide specific feedback on their experience(s) both across the semester and at module level through:

Mid-module evaluation

Mid-module evaluations focus on the current strengths of a module, and aspects of a module liable to immediate change and improvement.

They are conducted at or around week 6, or half-way through taught provision, decisions about the nature and format of mid-module evaluation are made at School level.

End of Semester Review

Our Student Voice Semester Review focuses on ways in which we can continuously improve students’ engagement, learning experiences, and success. The Review forms part of our institutional approach to working with students as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience, as outlined in the UK Quality Code Advice and Guidance: Monitoring and Evaluation, and Student Engagement. 

The review enables students to provide specific feedback on their experience(s) both across a semester and at module level.

The Student Voice Semester Review is an anonymous questionnaire, available to students between Monday Week 10 and Friday Week 14.

How do we use student feedback?

This feedback provides an evidence-base for School Academic Leadership Teams to reflect on the design and delivery of modules and gauge the success of programmes in meeting their aims and objectives.  Further details are available in the Student Voice policy below. Feedback and actions will feed into the Subject Annual Monitoring Report process.

How do we respond to student feedback?

Summary and response documents (SaRD template) identifying themes and areas for action within each School will be uploaded to Moodle three and a half weeks after the close of the Student Voice Semester Review. Students will have access only to the SaRDs for modules they have participated in, these will be available for a period of three weeks.

Our Student Voice Policy

Our Revised Student Voice Policy LTC (DOCX 68.2 kB) provides further information about how we gather and use student feedback.

For queries about the Student Voice End of Semester Review please contact the Teaching Excellence Support Office.

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