Offers of employment and onboarding

Following the interviews you may be in a position to make an offer of employment to the successful candidate. This section outlines the factors to consider when negotiating the offer and the pre-employment checks that will take place prior to the first day.

Negotiating the offer and informing HR

Once you have identified a suitable candidate you will need to negotiate various aspects of the appointment with the individual, including -

The Vacancy Chair should initially contact the candidate to make a verbal conditional offer of employment and negotiate the above details with them.  The details of the appointment should then be submitted to HR via the Stonefish e-recruitment system.  This will prompt HR to write to the successful candidate, via email, to confirm the details of their offer.  

Please refer to our Guidance on how to submit an offer (DOCx, 131kB) for further details.

Pre-employment checks

Once HR has received the details of the candidate's offer, they will write to the candidate, via email.  The offer will be subject to some or all of the following conditions -

  • Proof of eligibility to work in the UK
  • Receipt of satisfactory references
  • Proof of current salary
  • Pre-employment Health check
  • DBS (if applicable to the role)
  • Proof of qualifications


The onboarding process begins once the offer of employment has been made and extends into the induction period.  During this time arrangements should be made to ensure the new starter is welcomed to the team on their first day and has the necessary equipment to undertake their role.

During this period the Line Manager should -

  • maintain regular contact with the new starter to answer any queries they might have.  Details of who and where they report to on their first day should be agreed (please inform HR of any changes to the start date).
  • organise the new starter's workspace, including access to a PC, stationary and telephone line.
  • create a plan for the first couple of weeks in the role, scheduling meetings with the team and key contacts.

During this period HR will -

  • ensure that all pre-employment checks are undertaken prior to the first day of employment.
  • arrange for the new starter to have IT access from their first day.
  • issue an induction checklist to the Line Manager and Mentor.

On their first day of employment, HR will send a welcome email inviting the new starter to the Vice Chancellor's Welcome and make them aware of mandatory online training.


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