All candidates are required to apply for vacancies via our e-recruitment system, Stonefish. Once a candidate has submitted their application form panel members can view this and commence shortlisting. The final shortlist should then be submitted for approval after the closing date.

Pre-shortlist meeting

It is advised that, prior to shortlisting, all members of the panel meet to determine the level of evidence they require the candidate to provide in order to be awarded each score (0-3).  All panel members will shortlist the applications separately so this meeting helps to ensure consistency of scoring amongst the panel members.

Blind shortlisting

In support of our statement on promoting the greatest equality of opportunity, shortlisting is undertaken on a 'blind' basis.  This means that the candidate’s personal details (e.g. name, address, age, etc.) are not visible to the shortlisting panel.  Candidates will be referenced by candidate number and initials only.

The Equal Opportunities section of the application form will only be accessible to the HR Department throughout the recruitment process and upon commencement of employment.

Once the shortlisting exercise has been completed and approved by HR, the candidate’s name and contact details will be shared with the interview panel.

Shortlisting against the Selection Criteria 

As part of the application process the candidates will provide evidence to demonstrate how fully they meet the Selection Criteria that was identified at the beginning of the recruitment process

Under the candidate’s evidence is a drop down menu where the panel members can allocate a score as appropriate, using the following scoring method:

                        0 – does not meet the criteria

                        1 – partially meets the criteria

                        2 – meets the criteria

                        3 – exceeds the criteria

Recording the scores online provides an auditable record of assessment of candidates during the shortlisting process and demonstrates fairness.  The notes box can also be used by panel members should they wish to summarise their shortlisting decisions and justify their score allocation.

The system will calculate each candidate’s total scores against the essential and desirable criteria.

Shortlisting panels

For all appointments, a shortlisting panel of between two and three people from the interview panel should be identified. The panel does not have to consist of the entire interview panel, however the Vacancy Chair needs to undertake both the shortlisting and interview process.  Panel members should be at least the same grade as the vacant post.

Once the panel members have all submitted their scores they may wish to discuss the scoring and agree a final shortlist.  The Vacancy Chair will be responsible for submitting the final shortlist via the online system.  Once the shortlisting form has been submitted this will trigger an automatic email to the Human Resources Department. 

Disabled candidates 

To demonstrate our support for disabled candidates we are committed to the ‘Disability Confident’ scheme.  As part of our commitment we guarantee an interview to any candidates who declare that they have a disability and whose application meets the minimum criteria for the post. Details regarding disability are not visible to panel members, therefore if a candidate is eligible for interview HR will advise the Vacancy Chair at the shortlist approval stage.

Shortlisted candidates

HR will write to all shortlisted candidates to invite them to interview. Please email an interview schedule to HR outlining your preferred interview timings and the details of any additional exercises you may wish to include on the day.   In the majority of cases no more than 6 applicants should be shortlisted.  It is acknowledged that there may be certain occasions where shortlisting up to 8 applicants may be justified, i.e. concerns about applicants withdrawing. 

Sample schedules are available from HR should you wish to view them.

Unsuccessful candidates

HR will notify all candidates of the outcome of their application via email.  Due to the volume of applications received, unsuccessful candidates are advised that we are unable to provide feedback to them at this stage.

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