Support for LGBT staff

At York St John University we highly appreciate the contributions that individuals with diverse identities, backgrounds and experiences make to our community. We are keen to create a welcoming environment for everyone, however we recognise that LGBT staff may need specific support.

Being your Authentic Self at University

Though sexual orientation and gender identity is a person’s private matter, it can be extremely beneficial to members of staff to simply feel accepted and included, no matter what.

The process of telling others about your sexual orientation or gender identity is often referred to as ‘coming out’. Coming out is not necessarily a one-off event – you may have to come out many times during your life. However, you should always be in control about who you are out to and when.

Did you know? Deliberately outing a member of staff against their will is considered harassment and may result in action being taken under our disciplinary procedures. Please see our policies for more information.

Advice and Support

The University has a real interest in helping people to manage their wellbeing and create inclusive teams, performing at their best.

Employee Assistance Programme

Nobody in our University community should have to hide their true identities and thereby experience any negative effects like loneliness, isolation, invisibility or even fear. If you are experiencing any of these, or any other kind of personal difficulties, please seek support through the Employee Assistance Programme by Care First, which will offer you personal and practical support and advice.

Work Abroad

We recognise that going abroad for work may pose challenges and concerns for LGBT students and staff, and this needs to be considered in risk assessments. As a Stonewall Global Diversity Champion, we have access to a range of resources that enable us to better support our colleagues going abroad for work. Our Health and Safety Adviser would be happy to discuss any potential issues that may arise and how to keep you safe. We are working to developing our support in the coming weeks and months.

Our LGBT Staff Network offers a safe space to share experiences and helps the University to better meet the needs of all employees.

Bullying and Harassment

Everyone should feel able to be themselves at work. Bullying and harassment of any kind are not in anyone’s best interest and should not be tolerated in the workplace. Bullying and harassment can take many forms, but it ultimately comes down to whether you are made to feel uncomfortable as a result of someone’s actions.

A number of channels exist outside of the LGBT Staff Network through which you can seek support, including:

  • Dignity and Respect Network
  • Your Line Manager
  • A Senior Member of Staff
  • A Trade Union Representative from UCU (Academic Staff) or UNISON (Non-Academic Staff)
  • Human Resources

If you have been the victim of a hate crime or incident you can find out how to report it here.

Other Sources of Information and Support

The LGBT Staff Network’s Blog lists local support and activities.

Stonewall (Charity working for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Equality)

Telephone: 08000 502020

Beaumont Society (Self-help Group for Transgender People)

Telephone: 01582 412220 (Information Line)

MindLine Trans+ offers emotional support to people who are Trans+, A Gender, Gender Fluid and Non-binary and anyone wanting to talk about their gender identity. The helpline is also there to offer support and information to family and friends.

Telephone: 0300 330 5468

It's Pronounced Metrosexual (an online resource with helpful advice and fun graphics for anyone who wants to be "better people")

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