Our city centre campus

Our campus is as central as you'll get.

You could pick a campus university based out of the city and rely on public transport to get to where the action's happening, or you could join us right in the centre of town. Whether you've an inkling for a late night snack or you need to get some extra pens for your early class, there's no overpriced, short-hours campus shop, instead, there's the whole of York just out of our front door. Everything you need is in walking distance.

Despite this, you will find a surprising amount of facilities on campus. If you're looking for somewhere to rehearse with your band, a Costa or Starbucks to sit in whilst you study, a multi-level library, a biomechanics lab or even a climbing wall, you'll find all of these (and a whole lot more) right on campus.

Our heritage may take us back to 1841, but we're a modern university, constantly investing in our facilities. We invest in you and for you. Over the past 10 years, our award-winning campus has undergone a £100 million transformation to ensure students benefit from the right environment in which to study and live. We've got a great combination of beautiful old architecture and high-class modern facilities.

Take a virtual tour of our campus here, check out our sports and fitness facilities in more detail or book onto an open day and come see it all firsthand.


Find out more on our campus and facilities homepage

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