YSJ Aspire Card

In September 2019, for all undergraduate students we will provide financial support in the form of the YSJ Aspire Card. The card will come pre-loaded with up to £100 for all eligible students and can be used on a dedicated website to purchase course related materials. 

Aspire card and John Smith's logo

The YSJ Aspire Scheme has been set up in conjunction with the John Smiths Group to help you make the very best of your time at University. The Scheme will help to improve access to the learning tools you need to support your studies.

You do not need to apply for the YSJ Aspire Card, it will be available to all eligible students as part of your enrolment process during Welcome Week.  All you need to do is collect your Aspire Card once you have enrolled and it will be ready to use immediately. Your account will come preloaded with up to £100, and if you are eligible to receive the additional £400 this will be loaded on to your account from February onwards.

For further details about card eligibility, funds, spending queries and account queries, please visit our dedicated FAQ page.  

Aspire Card FAQs

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