Estranged Students

‘Estrangement’ is a term mostly used by student finance providers to describe a student who has no relationship with, or support from, their parents. To be considered as an estranged student this situation must be permanent, and you must have had no contact with your parents for at least a year.

Coming to university - moving into halls, holiday periods and times of academic pressure - can all be especially hard without the support of your family, but you are not alone. The University has a dedicated contact person who can offer a warm welcome or a friendly face, and help you access whatever support you might need. Just contact Anna: – whether you are an applicant, a new student or a second or third year, she will always be happy to hear from you.

If you are estranged from your parents it is important that you are assessed as such when you apply for student finance. You will need to provide evidence from an independent person from whom you have sought support. This might be a teacher, social worker, or another professional, and should be written on letter headed paper. If you have legal documents regarding your estrangement these can be used too. Watch a video from Student Finance England about applying as an estranged student.

The organisation Standalone offer lots of support for estranged adults, including a useful guide for students which provides more detail about applying for student finance.

If you have any questions, or would like to meet with Anna our dedicated contact person for estranged students please e-mail or telephone 01904 876408. Anna can help you with issues around:

  • Funding, including student finance and Student Support Fund applications.
  • Accommodation - for example, over the summer months or with problems finding a guarantor for private housing.
  • Discretionary funding from the University, including the care leaver bursary which some estranged students are eligible for.
  • Referral to other internal and external sources of support and information.

All York St John University students have access to Blackbullion - a fantastic source of advice and education on how to manage on a tight student budget.

If you are estranged from your parents because you have been in care (for example foster care) – please view our care leavers webpages.

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