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Digital resources and support

Office 365

Office 365 is available for free to all university students.

Office 365 is a brand name Microsoft uses for a group of software and service subscriptions.

Get your free access to Office 365

Go to to access Office 365. You can also download up to 5 copies of the full software to use on your devices. 

Log in using your university IT account username and password.

Using Office 365

See our help sheet  Getting started with Office 365 (PDF, 0.7MB) or watch a 4 minute introduction below. 

Office 365 FAQs

On a York St John computer click on the blue flag at the top right of google Chrome.


Alternatively go to


Sign in, if required, is your full YSJ email address and usual password

For personal files that are slectively shared you can share from your OneDrive space. If you are sharing files with a group of users we recommend creating a O365 Team.


From OneDrive or a Team filespace, hover over the the target file or folder and click on the arrow.

Share with YSJ users

Start typing the YSJ staff member's name and select the person when they pop up. You can decide whether you want the user to edit or view the file/folder.

Share with external users

Enter the external user's email address (this will need to be the same address that is linked to a Microsoft account by the recipient).


Comments can be viewed in apps such as Word online.

Enforce track changes

To enforce track changes to a shared file, this will need to be applied in the app (not online app). 


Files can be reverted back to previous versions. Hover over file and select the 3 elipsis, select Version History.

Yes, you can create as many teams as you like for work colleagues, study partners and project members. Click Join or create a team and then Create a team.

Type of team

Classes is for teachers and students.

PLCs (Professional Learning Community) is for teaching staff.

Staff members is for staff leaders and members e.g. manager and team members.

Anyone is a general team type popular in its simplicity.

By default, an email address is created with a team. You may already have a joint mailbox which is used regularly. To avoid any emails being sent to the wrong mailbox:

In Teams:

Click on 3 elipsis next to channel e.g. General and select Get email address

Click on advanced settings

Select radio button next to Only members of this team

Click Save

This means the email address linked to the team will not be available to users and @mentions will still work within the team.

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