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Plan S and Rights Retention

Plan S is an OA publishing initiative from cOAlition S that launched in 2018.

What is Plan S?

Plan S requires research publications which receive research funding from cOAlition S funders to be published immediately and freely available in compliant OA journals and platforms.

Plan S is based on some fundamental principles:

  • No scholarly publication should be locked behind a paywall
  • OA should be immediate with no embargoes
  • Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) Licence should be the default licence
  • Research funders should commit to support OA publication fees at a reasonable level
  • Research funders should not support publication in hybrid (or mirror/sister) journals unless they are part of a transformative arrangement with a clearly defined endpoint.

To check that a journal is compliant with Plan S, use the Plan S Journal Checker Tool.

For further details, see cOAlititon S or email RaY (

Plan S Rights Retention Strategy

The Plan S Rights Retention Strategy allows researchers to continue publishing in the journal of their choice, whilst still fulfilling the Plan S principle of publishing with immediate Open Access.

cOAlition S organisations/funders now require that at least the AAM of all publications reporting on original research supported in whole or in part by their funding are published with a CC BY licence and with no embargo. For further details about Creative Commons Licences, see the Copyright Essentials page.

Arrow diagram showing stages of rights retention: funder agreement, owned by the author, managed by the publisher.
cOAlition S, Rights Retention GraphicCC BY

For further details, see Plan S Rights Retention Strategy or email RaY (

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