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Student policies and documents

Exams and assessment

Information about our Code of practice for assessment and relevant forms.

Our Code of Practice for Assessment and Academic-related matters contains all policies surrounding your exams and assessment. This is where you can check the procedures and processes we have in place.

Code of practice for assessment

Exceptional circumstances

During your studies you might be faced with unforeseen personal, medical or family problems that are outside your control and are negatively affecting your academic performance in your assessments. Such problems are known as 'exceptional circumstances'.

If you believe that what is happening to you is affecting your ability to prepare for assessment, then it is your responsibility to let your School know what is happening to you.

In exceptional circumstances you should submit an exceptional circumstances claim form with supporting evidence. The university will decide what action can be taken if your circumstances have affected your performance or your ability to complete your assessment.

Covid-19 guidance - If you are required to self-isolate because you or others are showing symptoms, we will review your claim for exceptional circumstances without the usual requirement for evidence from a health professional. If you are unwell for any other reason and would normally see a GP and are unable to do so, we will also review your claim without medical evidence.

Exceptional Circumstances Claim Form (DOC, 60.4 kB)

Extension to period of study

You can apply for an extension to your period of study if you have completed all teaching for your final year of studies but have been unable to complete the programme’s final assessments in the normal timescale due to exceptional circumstances.

You can apply for a programme extension if you wish to request an extension of more than six weeks to your expected programme end date.

Programme Extension Claim Form (DOC, 57.5 kB)


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