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Policies and documents

Fitness to study

Information on monitoring fitness to study, fitness to practice and the standards review procedure. Full policies are found in the Code of Practice for Assessment.

Fitness to study

York St John University recognises that the transition to university life involves developmental and cognitive challenges that for some students may become overwhelming.

Difficulties may manifest as psychological and/or physical illness preventing students from either partially or totally engaging in academic study and may result in a student exhibiting behaviour that causes concern for fellow students, academic or other professional university staff. Such behaviour may not be a direct contravention of the university disciplinary code of conduct and pursing this line of action may be counterproductive and potentially discriminatory.

Case Consultations

A Case Consultation meeting is the first stage of the formal monitoring process where student performance or programme participation becomes a cause for concern.  

A full description of the case consultation process can be found in section 23 of our Code of practice for assessment.

Standards review

The purpose of a Standards Review is to investigate shortcomings in student performance. They allow us to recommend or provide help to students. A Standards Review might also show that disciplinary action is required.

The University is required to monitor the attendance and performance of students as part of its quality control and pastoral obligations. The University is accountable to the public authorities which finance programmes of study, professional bodies and to the UK Government.

It is also aware of the considerable commitment of time and resource made by students and their families and seeks to ensure that such commitment is made in reasonable expectation of student success.

A full description of the standards review process can be found in section 24 of our Code of practice for assessment.

Fitness to practice

The University has a particular responsibility in respect of students who will graduate with academic awards which also confer the right to apply for professional qualifications and registration with a professional body.

Because of their responsibilities to the general public, students following such programmes should demonstrate high standards of conduct and behaviour and must be physically and mentally fit to undertake demands of their profession.

Further information about the fitness to practise policy can be found in section 25 of our Code of practice for assessment.

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