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Study skills

Preparing your digital self to leave York St John

Make sure you can keep files or research when you leave university by preparing your digital resources.

A student studying at her laptop on the Second Floor of Fountains

When you are a student you create lots of files, use many softwares and tools, and access many different resources.

As you prepare to leave York St John, you should take steps to download any work you want to take with you, export files and communications you may need, and familiarise yourself with how to continue accessing research and scholarship. Use our advice on this page to help you.

University tools and systems

If you have used OneDrive, Teams, university email, Moodle, or other university systems, Digital Training has instructions to help you take your data with you:

Leaving York St John - Digital Training resources

Open Access Research

Some of the library resources you have used as a student at York St John are open access, which means they are free for anyone to access. Continue your research-informed practice with our Open Access resources:

Partner and external access to resources

If you have used reference management tools, use our Reference Management Tools page to choose a free open source management tool to continue using.

If you have already left York St John

Once you no longer have your University IT account and login credentials, you will not be able to access your data or systems yourself.

Please email our Innovation and Technology Services team on if you need to access your data (subject to availability).

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