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Types of information in Business

Some types of information, in addition to those outlined more generally, are used extensively in Business research.

All these sources of information can be found via Business databases 

Case studies

Case studies focus on a particular group or company.  They will investigate initiatives and developments linked to that group and report on the findings. You will find these on Marketline and Emerald as well as in some journal articles (make 'case study' part of your search).

Company information

SWOT analyses and profiles of companies. Found in Marketline, Business Source Premier, and FAME.

Market information

Statistics, data and consumer surveys on the UK, specialising in sectors such as Travel, Food, E-commerce, Leisure, Lifestyles are found in Mintel. Marketline provides information on the market for both products and companies.

Product/industrial information

Found in Marketline and Global Market Navigator.

Country and city information

Profiles of countries and cities available in Marketline which include PEST analyses; database of comparative country statistics in Marketline.

Financial information

Financial Times has information on the stock market and financial profiles of companies worldwide.

FAME UK provides access to detailed financial information on companies such as profit and loss, turnover, number of employees etc.

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