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Types of information in education

Some types of information, in addition to those outlined more generally, are used extensively in educational research.

Policy documentation

Government guidance for the implementation of legislation is found in policy documents. Examples of these include the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Where can I find policy documentation?

A lot of this can be found with a quick Google search, but you can use the advanced search option in Google to restrict to '' websites only if you need British policy.  Alternatively, you can search on directly.

Specialist newspaper articles

Many professions have newspapers which cover their subjects in particular. In Education examples include the Times Educational Supplement and the Times Higher Education Supplement.

Where can I find specialist newspaper articles?

The Times Educational Supplement and the Times Higher have their own websites, but there is a restriction on how many articles you can download. ILS has services to allow you to download more. Find these on the ILS databases page - Global Newsstream is one service which will allow you to search for the specialist material and download it.

Ofsted reports

Inspection reports are often used to give background information regarding a school.

Where can I find Ofsted reports?

Ofsted has a website where you can find these reports.



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