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Types of information in humanities

Some types of information, in addition to those outlined more generally, are used extensively in Humanities research.

Historical newspapers

Either the text from historical newspapers or scans of the actual text and layout from the original.

Where can I find historical newspapers?

There are a number of newspaper search tools available through the ILS web pages, including 17th-18th Century Burney Collection, 19th Century British Library Newspapers, The Times Digital Archive and Historical Newspapers incorporating The Guardian, The Observer and The New York Times 1791-2003.

Primary sources and archive collections

Many primary resource collections are freely available to access online.  In some cases you may find you will need to visit collections beyond YSJ where resources have not been digitised.

Where can I find primary sources and archive collections?

There are lots available, both via the library and public collections. These include Archives HubBritish History Online, First World War Poetry Digital Archive and the John Johnson Collection.

Ordnance Survey maps

Download geospatial data for use in CAD and GIS systems and access information about geospatial data and resources. There is also a historical maps service.

Where can I find Ordnance Survey maps?

These are available via Digimap. You will need to register your details the first time you log in. 

Reference texts for religion and philosophy

Get overviews of key theorists and their works.

Where can I find reference texts for religion and philosophy?

The Gale Virtual Reference Source has religious information, and there are Oxford Handbook collections for Religion and Philosophy.

Original literary works and their critiques

There are online services which offer access to both literary works and the criticisms written about them.

Where can I find original literary works and their critiques?

A key search tool for these is LION (Literature Online).

Government and Parliamentary sources

A number of governmental and parliamentary sources are available, some free and some subscription-based services.

Where can I find primary sources and archive collections?

UK census data and Parliamentary information such as the transcript of debates in Hansard is available via Government websites.

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