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Types of information in performance and media production

Some types of information, in addition to those outlined more generally, are used extensively in performance and media production research.

Audio and visual material

These are sources of information presented through sound, images or video, usually in combination. Examples of these are documentary and film recordings, music recordings and image libraries.

Where can I find audio-visual material?

Whilst you could use services you find through a general search engine, ILS subscribes to many services which provide high-quality audio-visual materials, such as:

You can find full lists of our audio-visual resources on the ILS Specialist Subject Resources.

Reference information for performance and media production

Get overviews of key theorists, practitioners and their work.

Where can I find reference texts?

Try books from the Oxford Handbook range, or services such as Oxford Music Online and Britannica Online: Academic.

Music manuscripts

This includes study scores, solo and ensemble performance scores and full orchestral scores. Try our Music Score section on Floor 1 of the library, or search the Classical Scores Library Volumes I and II.

Trade and industrial publications

Trade and industrial publications can provide useful informaton from a non-scholarly perspective. Usually these have not undergone academic review, so you should evaluate the information to see if it is appropriate to use in your research. Ask your tutor for further advice on this.

Where can I find trade and industrial publications?

Search one of our databases such as Discover and choose 'Magazines' and 'Trade Publications' from the source types.

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