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Accommodation after first year

After your first year at York St John University, you will have a good idea of the different areas of York, the kind of properties that are on offer and who you would like to live with, so you will be in a strong position to start house-hunting. 


Finding the right accommodation for you

York has many different styles and sizes of private housing. The following sites will help you find available housing in York:

The Student's Union provides useful guidance for finding accommodation after first year in the House Hunting booklet (PDF 0.5MB).

If you are having trouble finding accommodation for after your first year, you might have to be flexible in your search. Think about budget, where you are searching, your expectations and how many people you are looking at living with. 


Private halls of residence

There are a number of purpose built halls of residence which are very similar to university owned accommodation. Student flats are available at:

This option can be a good middle ground between University owned accommodation and typical private housing.

Returning to university accommodation

Some students may be eligible to return to university accommodation. Allocations will only be offered to those with a significant reason for requiring it.

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