Accommodation Fees Due Dates

You can pay for your accommodation in either in full at the start of the year by contacting the Finance Office or 3 separate instalments throughout the year.

For convenience, we recommend paying in 3 instalments, as this will coincide with you receiving your maintenance loan payments. As part of your accommodation induction you will be required to choose your payment method – Direct Debit or Recurring Card Payment (RCP). You will be notified by email to your student YSJ account before each due date. The University will automatically take the payment from your nominated card or bank account.

If you choose to pay in 3 instalments, the due dates for 2017/18 are:


1st Instalment

12 October 2017

2nd Instalment

08 January 2018

3rd Instalment

16 April 2018


Please find a full rent breakdown for 2017/18 below:

Accommodation rent Breakdown 2017/18 (PDF, 75.9KB)

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