Helping with the preparation for University

Helping someone come to University is one of the most important things you can do as a parent/carer around this exciting time in their lives.

Students often feel a range of emotions in the weeks leading up to arrival.  A mixture of excitement, nervousness, apprehension, sadness at leaving loved ones behind, anticipation of meeting new people, making new friends and starting their course is a lot to deal with for anybody and the calming influence and help of parents/carers can keep students on track.

Parents/carers often help students organise what they need to do prior to arrival and the information on these pages is to help you make sure your son/daughter is prepared for University and that the transition of moving away from home is as smooth as possible.

Pre-arrival information

The most important thing any student has to do before arriving in York is to enrol online. They should have received information about the online enrolment process via email and it will have provided them with information about how to log on and complete this process.

A student will not be able to complete enrolment during induction if online enrolment has not been completed. If a student is not fully enrolled then money from Student Finance England cannot be released.

Post-arrival information

Once a student arrives at York St John it is not the end of parental/carer involvement.  Students often need support throughout their studies and their first point of call is usually back home. Whilst this is a valuable resource we want parents to know that we have support available for students that can help in most situations. 

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